North Irish Horse vs Fortified Grenadiers

Allies: 4 | happymcrobert
Axis: 3 | Paulie771

Axis of Attack: Liri River Valley
This game was between a squadron of the North Irish Horse versus a fortified Grenadierkompanie. Meeting up at Grand Adventures in Murfreesboro, TN, we set up the table and rolled our mission, getting a very appropriate Hasty Attack, which made the North Irish Horse, as a tank company, a very fitting and historical attacker. Both armies were 1650 points and very thematic to this location as the fortified Germans of the Hitler Line try to stop the Churchills supporting the Canadians attempt to break that line.

The fight went back and forth at first then came down to the Churchills just having to bide their time and blast apart the defenses at close range before finishing the Germans off. Unfortunately, close range was too close as a wily Panzershreck team proceeded to inflict more casualties than an entire Panzer IV platoon, and the patience of the British commander ran short, sending the Canadians in to assault, but pausing as the Germans weren't pinned, then seeing the Canadians blasted apart by close range fire from the entrenched Germans.

The Germans held stubbornly and simply refused to be pushed out of their trenches regardless of casualties until the very end when enough Sole Survivor tests had been made that someone finally failed one and the Grenadierkompanie left the field, having bled the British and delayed them long enough to ready the next line. Though at the end the Churchills had broken around one flank and the Shermans had made a mad dash outside the range of the PaK40 to get to the far objective.

A more detailed battle report is linked above.