88th Infantry div. vs Sardinien Panzergranadier

Allies: 2 | Avramson
Axis: 5 | lezilebowski

88th Infantry div. "Blue Devils"
HQ section, 1st Rifle platoon, 2nd Rifle platoon, 57mm Anti tank platoon, Intelligence & Recon platoon, 81mm Mortar platoon, 1st Tank platoon of 2 Sherman and 2 76mm Sherman, 2nd Tank platoon of 3 Sherman and one 76mm Sherman, 105mm Artillery, M5 3in Towed Tank Destroyer platoon with halftracks. ( 9 platoons, 1780 pts)

Sardinien Panzergranadier
Company HQ, 1st Panzergrenadier MG Platoon, 2nd Panzergrenadier MG Platoon, Panzergrenadier 12cm Mortar Platoon, Panzergrenadier 7.5cm leIG18 Infantry Gun Platoon , Assault Gun Platoon of 3 StuG G, Motorised Artillery Battery 10.5cm leFH18, Anti-tank 8.8cm Pak43 Gun Platoon, Luftwaffe 8.8cm FlaK36 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon. (8 platoons, 1780 pts)

We tried to make as much as possible historic setup of the terrain. River was in the middle and we treated it as the stream since no fords or bridges were available as pieces of terrain. We played No Retreat and decided that, since both companies were infantry, allies will attack no matter the dice because they actually did.

I moved my troops aggressively forward trying to cross the river as soon as possible and before german reinforces arrive. I couldn't do much in my shooting step because germans were veterans and gone to ground.
German commander was lucky and mortars arrived from the reserve on the first dice roll. He immediately revealed his ambush and heavy PaK43 started to take toll on my armour.

On my second turn I smoked heavy PaK43 anti tank guns to give some breathing space to my tanks. Infantry continued forward but couldn't go much far because combined bombarding from enemy artillery and mortars hit me hard. River combined with good german defenses completely stalled my attack.

In third round I crossed river and tried to make a bridgehead with my infantry. I gave cover fire with all my guns and tanks. Unfortunately it wasn't enough. My infantry was pinned down and mostly dead before it had chance to dig in and hold the position. Taking an objective was almost impossible. Enemy reserves started to arrive. A this point I decided to destroy some enemy platoons and make them pay for my loses.

In forth round I managed to cross the river and rifleman secured a small bridgehead on the enemy side of the river. I concentrated my fire on Luftwaffe FlaK guns. They were trained and reluctant and easy target for me. They were defending second objective, which was further behind enemy lines. It was to far away from me and later was reinforced with fresh panzergranadier platoon.

Later on I destroyed Luftwaffe FlaK nests and scored one point. German reinforces moved toward my bridgehead and I didn't have a force to defend it. Infantry abandoned it's positions and come back across the river. This battle was costly for my troops. Next time I must try to take over the enemy with some heavier troops (armoured infantry in halftracks) and the crossing point must be chosen more carefully.

See you soon, krauts!