2nd New Zealand Division vs 26. Panzer Division

Allies: 6 | Captainecho
Axis: 1 | RodTheCid


Elements of the 2nd New Zealand Division fought off a ferocious attack by the 26th Panzer Division today. An attempt was made by the Germans to break through British lines and cut off the dug in Kiwis. If successful, it may have broken through and threatened the beachhead south of Rome. Backed by artillery and 6pdr guns, the Infantry were able to hold back the tanks and deal the Germans a major blow, clearing a path forward to reinforcements to exploit the weakened divisions in front of them.

The Lists: 1350 pts a piece

2nd New Zealand
HQ - 2 Rifle Teams - w Sticky Bombs
1. Full Rifle, Maori w Sticky Bombs
2. Full Rifle, Maori w Sticky Bombs
3. Full Rifle, Maori w Sticky Bombs
4. 4 6pdr (late) guns
5. 4 X 25 pdrs
6. 4 X 5.5" Guns

26th Panzer Division
HQ - 2 Panzer IV's
1. 5 Panzer IV's
2. 3 Panther V
3. 4 MobelWagon AA guns
4. Grenedier Platoon w panzerkncker
5. Grenedier PLatoon w Panzershreck

The Mission was Breakthrough, and the British were defending this time around. Deployment was as follows for the Brits. Mobile reserves didn't affect me because I had no vehicles on the table. Rod elected to deploy his panthers and infantry right in front of my guns, and held his panzer IV's and Mobelwagon in reserve for a delayed flank attack.
(check the link for the pictures)

2 Infantry platoons and the 6pdrs waited to race to the objectives and camp out in preparation for the late arrivals. The guns set up in the final quarter, and an infantry platoon prepared to race at the objectives from the other side. The guns were left relatively undefended....Rod would then gamble everything on rolling up the artillery before it could destroy him.

the view from the 6pdrs.

panthers bearing down...

The German assault...its all or nothing.

a bombardment nails a panther, but the other two launch an assault. Rod forgets that Defensive fire hits side armor...but it doesn't connect. a lone rifle higher command team scores a hit with his tank assault 2 and rod rolls.....a 1. he then fails his motivation check, falls back, and then fails platoon morale. 1 platoons gone.

The Panzer IV command teams assault but fall back from the 25 pdr defensive fire.

On the left, the infantry arrive on the objectives and get out their shovels.

Foolishly trying to hide in a house, the germans are hit by bunker buster 5.5" guns, and many are killed in the collapsing buildings.

arriving late, the Panzer IV's push back an infantry platoon and try to stormtrooper into the woods...but the 6 pdrs make them pay for their arrival.

With the Panthers, the 1 and 2IC dead, and both infantry platoons destroyed, Rod has 3 dead and 1 alive on the table, and auto fails his company Morale, 6-1 for the allies.