Canadian Infantry vs Panzergrenadiers

Allies: 3 | redpatch
Axis: 4 | Dobbie71064

Second go at the German Line proved unfavourable as well. Those pesky Tiger's in the valley roamed around unmolested.
In the early go, Canadian Recce ( 4rth Princess Louise Dragoon Guards) took out a squad of pumas. Infantry on the left advanced well into a small village but was later hurled out of a few farmsteads by grenadiers, 2 Tiger's and some well aimed artillery from a platoon of heavy mortars and monning minnies. Again the tanks of the Trois Riverieres Regiment performed well on the right dispatching a platoon of panzer IV's. In the center of our line a heavy mortar platoon (Saskatchewan Light) took some shelling from 2 Tiger's. They then at to contest an objective by crossing a small creek but to no avail as those Tiger's proweled again unmolested.

some more tea & then a call to RCAF might do the trick. Major Storm Galloway RCR "B" Company