Canadian Infantry vs Panzergrenadiers

Allies: 3 | redpatch
Axis: 4 | Dobbie71064

B Company of the Royal Canadian Regiment tried twice to penetrate the German Lines in the Liri Valley. Though to no avail both contests were extremely close. The armoured contingent (Trois Rivieres) of the attack performed extremely well taking out 6 panzer IV's at the cost of only 1 of their own through both battles. However 2 Tiger tanks seemed invulnerable to anything the Canadian's could throw at them. In the first contest ( fighting withdrawal ) B company threw all their eggs in one basket by attacking the right flank of the German line. All 3 platoons we're thrown back with very little success only to have a platoon of Otter's and Sherman's contesting the objective area a little to late. On the left flank 2 batteries of 25pdr RCA fended off a Tiger & Puma assault. While scaring of the German assault the RCA proved immobile in trying to contest an open field to the left our our grand attack.

After a spot of tea, we'll have another go at'em. Co. Major Storm Galloway RCR "B" Company