How to play

1. Signing Up

To sign up, simply visit and enter the pertinent information. Remember your login and password, because you need to know your username when submitting battle reports! We will also be using these same profiles in future campaigns.

After this screen, you will be asked what side you wish to fight for- axis or allies. Make this decision carefully, as it’s the side you’ll fight for throughout the campaign!

2. Playing Games

In this campaign, the Axis role is purely a defensive one. Historically, (outside of localized counterattacks) Axis forces did not retake previously held positions, and instead chose to perform a fighting withdrawal that led them back towards Rome and eventually the southern Alps.

For this reason, we strongly recommend the Allied player chooses the contested node in which each battle is fought.

Once you have settled on a location, play your Flames Of War game as usual! You may play at any points level you’d like. Play any mission you'd like (and may choose to have the axis auto-defend or roll as usual). Use aces, warriors, or whatever. However, your forces should be historically accurate. Lists should come from the Road to Rome or Fortress Italy books, or their predecessors. Any Italy PDFs are also, of course allowed, or lists from other books that are Italy appropriate.

3. Using the map

To determine where your battle is fought, the players must choose a contested node to fight over. Contested nodes are colored orange, while unopened axis controled nodes are red, and captured allied nodes will be blue. Hovering your mouse over a location will give a brief description, and a few statistics: when the location was initially contested, and how many battle reports have been submitted.

Once you’ve played your game, click on the node to submit your battle report.

4. Submitting Battle Reports

To submit a battle report, after playing a game at a contested node, first ensure that both players are signed up for the campaign. Then, once clicking on an area, you will be prompted with a battle report submission screen.

In the Report field, write your battle report! In order to keep the narrative of the campaign, we require 600 words minimum. However, we also provide an optional external URL field, which will allow you to post on your own blog, and simply put a summary in the “Report” field. Thus, you may either submit your complete report or a summary in the report field.

Next, you will add the armies and players involved in the game. After clicking Add Army, you will be prompted with a popup to enter players. This is why it’s important to know your’s and your opponent’s user names. Once you type in the username, give the system a moment to pull them up, and click on the correct user name.

After selecting the armies, fill out the army and nationality information.

After clicking Add Army, you’re returned to the battle report page, where you will do the same for every other player.

Once all players and armies are entered, be sure to enter the scores for each side.

Finally, you can add one or more images to your battle report, to people viewing your report can see the action!

And that’s it! Easy as pie!

How the Outcome of your Battles affects the Campaign

Each result entered for a particular node contributes to each sides' victory points for that node. Due to Axis constraints on reinforcements and a well-run Allied replacement system, there are additional technical components in effect that place time itself on the Allied side. However, the Axis have the advantage of defending in Italy's notoriously difficult terrain, and receive a defensive bonus roughly aligned with the geographic area of each node.

On May 11th, 2014, the Axis nodes adjacent to Allied 2nd Corp and Allied 10th Corp starting nodes will become contested.

The Anzio node will activate for the Allies on the 70th anniversary of Operation BUFFALO on May 23rd, and each adjacent Axis node will become contested.

If the weight of Allied VPs overwhelms the weight of Axis VPs in any node, the point will become Allied controlled at the end of the day. At the same time, any nodes adjacent to the newly Allied controlled node will become contested - continuing on this process until the Allies control Rome.

Will General Alexander break through the Gustav and Hitler lines to reach Rome before General Clark can break out of Anzio? Will General Clark recreate his fame of the American 6th Corp entering Rome first? Or will Generalfeldmarschall Kesselring finally have good news for the German home front?

Only your battles will decide their fate!